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A&M Tape Printers Inc. is a National Company providing custom and stock printed carton sealing tapes and labels to the Packaging Products’ Distributor. We print company logos, tamper messages and tag lines that enable your customers to advertise themselves and their products. Our growth facilitated a move in 2003 to a 22,500 square foot facility in Farmingdale NY. We have since added an additional 8000 square feet of warehousing. In 2021 we combined our two companies, Tape Printers Inc. and A&M Tape Products into A&M Tape Printers Inc., to reduce redundancies and increase efficiency.

We sell our products solely through distribution. Our distributor base extends from our home office here in New York to California. We have decades of experience in printing high quality tapes and labels. We have 12 presses and 2 label presses that enable us to service our accounts quickly and expertly, whether it’s one case of tape or 10 skids. A&M Tape Printers Inc. can print custom or stock images and messages on carton sealing tapes and warning labels. Our in-house art dept makes the design replication process easy and painless. Our experience and expertise in printing can produce a printed tape or label item that your customer will be satisfied with, whether it’s a one or four-color logo.

A&M Tape Printers Inc. also carries a wide variety of non-printed tapes as an accommodation to our distributor customers. In between your stocking order, we can be your source for masking, filament, gummed tape, PVC tape and polypro tapes in various lengths and adhesives. A&M Tape Printers Inc. would like to be your main source of supply for printed and non-printed tapes.

Custom Printed Tape

Custom printed tapes provide greater name recognition, identification, makes reordering easier and helps prevent pilferage. Our low minimums enable our distributor partners to better sell the idea of custom printed tapes to their customers. Custom printed tapes provide … idea of custom printed tapes to their customers. Minimum run is One Color, One Case!

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Stock Printed Products

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Colored Gummed Tapes

Secure your packages! Make your packages stand out while they stay closed with our Colored Gummed Tapes.

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Colored Flatback Tape

Easily label your packages while you color-code them. Our colored Flatback Tape is designed to allow for easy writing with most pens and markers.

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Tamper-RED is a heavy-duty reinforced gummed tape, designed with a red colored bottom sheet that will draw attention to tampering. If someone tries to remove a strip of Tamper-RED from a carton, the red bottom sheet remains attached to the carton. It cannot be removed without detection. This "tamper resistant" feature helps lower the risk of theft which provides a safe arrival, therefore increasing profitability.

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High Visibility Warning Labels

Ensure proper shipping and handling of your packages with our High Visibility Warning Labels. Save both time and money by preventing mishandling of easily damaged and special care packages. Cuts down on the number of returns, refunds and exchanges due to damage during shipping.

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Colored Polypropylene

Colored 2.0mil polypro with a strong, acrylic adhesive that sticks to virtually any surface. Available in red, white, blue, orange, yellow and green in roll widths from 12mm (1/2”) to 144mm (6”).

Aisle Marking/Color Coding Tape

Whether you are sealing off a dangerous area or marking sections or products in your warehouse, our 5mil vinyl tapes will make the job easy. Caution striped vinyl is available in black/yellow and red/white in 2” & 3” x 36yd rolls. Color coding vinyl, also 5mil thick, is available in Red, White, Blue, Green, Brown, Gray, Orange & Yellow. Standard roll sizes of 2” & 3” x 36yds.

Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape

Available in Hand and Machine Rolls (1.8 mil, 2.0 mil, 2.6 mil and 3 mil)

Shhhhhhh… Tape

Low Noise, Carton Sealing Tape.

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Other Non-Printed Tapes

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