Colored Polypropylene

Colored 2.0mil polypro with a strong, acrylic adhesive that sticks to virtually any surface. Available in red, white, blue, orange, yellow and green in roll widths from 12mm (1/2”) to 144mm (6”).

Aisle Marking/Color Coding Tape

Whether you are sealing off a dangerous area or marking sections or products in your warehouse, our 5mil vinyl tapes will make the job easy. Caution striped vinyl is available in black/yellow and red/white in 2” & 3” x 36yd rolls. Color coding vinyl, also 5mil thick, is available in Red, White, Blue, Green, Brown, Gray, Orange & Yellow. Standard roll sizes of 2” & 3” x 36yds.

Acrylic Carton Sealing Tape

Available in Hand and Machine Rolls (1.8 mil, 2.0 mil, 2.6 mil and 3 mil)

Shhhhhhh… Tape

Low Noise, Carton Sealing Tape.

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Other Non-Printed Tapes

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